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The next Fuck Your Fears Course begins

November 2019!


Who is this Showdown for?

  • If you are extremely hard on yourself, get overwhelmed by the stories in your head

  • If you overthink, and tend to be "waiting for the other shoe to drop"

  • If you get ready to get ready to get ready, and want to stay in research mode. 

  • Are sick of feeling depleted of energy and feel overall blah and ho hummm

  • If you know you can create reality, but have trouble trusting yourself and taking action

  • If you feel like you're being suckered in to a life that is not authentically you?

  • Think everyone is secretly laughing at you

  • If you, the Enchantress that hides her special talents, keeps them a secret or is all over the place

  • You hide from taking action because you fear people judging you as stupid

  • A woman who knows it's good to be guided out of your comfort zone

  • If you isolate, and keep busy, or controlling and stay in your cycle of fear and then keeps her entrance into a room small and "safe"

  • If you have more moments of loneliness than you are willing to admit

  • who knows she is playing it small and doesn't know what action steps are best to take

  • If you know to play a bigger game and take more risks you need support

  • If you are pretty much always worrying or obsessing about other people's opinions

  • You compare yourself to others, and can take yourself down as lost, and then go down the rabbits hole of despair

  • You have fairytales of how things should be in your life, so you stay stuck because you limit what you deserve or how to actually go about it

  • You have a bully living in your head, that is really fucking mean to you

  • The lonely woman that wants community, and gets more done and FEELS better when he/she gets consistent attention

  • The Goddess who has come as far as she can doing life without the feminine power principals

  • Is open, and willing to dive into shadow work and self sabotage

  • The woman who is curious about being seen as courageous, powerful and full of confidence











Who is this Showdown NOT for?

  • A woman who wants to stay in her habits and defend them

  • If you are a woman who has bad habits and is not willing to work on changing them

  • You are a woman who constantly disagrees just to be right, and are not willing to try something new

  • A woman who likes fighting, and has given up on her dreams

  • The woman who is not willing to use her imagination in a powerful way

  • The frumpy person who doesn't see the purpose of playing and being playful

  • If you recoil at the word "Pussy" or "Goddess"

  • If you are a know it all

  • If you are a complainer who LIKES complaining

  • You tolerate life, and think that is fine

  • Subconsciously you think you deserve to suffer

  • If you are unwilling to spend money and time on yourself, and see no way that can change, or see no way you can change or grow

  • If you over-care give or blame the opposite sex for everything

















What happens in this Showdown?

  • We are going to shake shit up

  • Shimmy and strut out of your comfort zone, in real time during our sacred sessions, as well as during the week in our FB group

  • You'll get weekly challenges to integrate into your days

  • You'll dig into deeper truths into why you are disconnected from your desires, your fabulosity and your sexy body, exactly how it is

  • We dive into shadow work starting from the root chakra, primary survival breakdowns that show up in your life at inappropriate times

  • Power support in a community of people who are in your boat.

  • Private VIP Facebook Group (including magic~play assignments, visualizations, practices and LIVE appearances)

  • Practical magic tools to use in uncomfortable and awkward situations as well as highly stressful situations

  • Meditations, visualizations and rituals specifically for managing and moving past the enemy that keeps you from opening your heart and getting action going on where there was none!

  • Activation of your enchanted intuition to make solid FUCK YES and FUCK no choices that impact your heart

  • Tools when to know if fear is real or bullshit moments as well as moments that feel like its make or break time

  • Enchanting realistic action steps: What's next and what's beyond the fear of relating to men

  • Clear success WITNESSED that what you're doing is working by your new tribe of Sisters!

  • Visible evidence of when you love yourself, get activated in your body, mind and spirit, your business and love life and money all grow!

  • A true belief and knowing, that you got this shit! That being single or being partnered is about BEING YOURSELF authentically!


Click here for the Annie Mertz Scholarship Application - Half off scholarship. 6 women will be chosen per year. 






Enchanted Details...

This Showdown begins as soon as you say YES!

  1. Yes! To YOU being a priority

  2. Yes! To putting your energy, time and money towards this priority

  3. Yes! To committing to your enchanted living in your passion and creativity!



For more information go to: Enchanted INFO