• It's your life

  • Are you living it fully?

  • Are you holding back?

  • Are you worried about people judging you?

  • Are you a master hider?

  • Do you flee when it's uncomfortable or awkward?

  • Are you stuck in analyzing mode?

  • Do you rationalize everything is fine? 

  • Do you fear your family will think you're crazy? 

  • Are you slightly, or fully pissed that you are stuck?

  • Or are you stuck in victim land that you forgot the idea of hope and possibility? 

  • Are you afraid of making others mad or sad?

  • Do you fight for your limitations?

  • Are you too nice and people please you way through relationships

  • Do you get stuck in the "how" and can't figure it out, so you don't attempt anything?

  • Do you desire to communicate authentically?

  • Are you bored in your life?

  • Ok then, you are READY! 

  • Affirm that out loud! : I am READY!


YES! I want the Fuck Your Fears & Upgrade Your Shit Playbook!

Are you done comparing yourself to other women and making yourself not enough? 

Heading 1


1. The FINancial Sharketress Galit Tsadik offers Let's Find Money!​

2. Sarah the Writing Dom offers - Get your butt in the chair

3. December of Start Witchen' - Coming out of the broom closet

4. Rosalind offers Manifesting Your HeART/ Art journaling ritual


In the Fuck Your Fears & UPgrade your Life Playbook... 

You'll get this self motivated playbook, offered to you by Shaman Shane the Enchantress. You will step into liberation, and have personal freedom like you've never had!  

  • You'll get practical magic tools to support yourself through the challenges
  • This playbook is not about traumatizing yourself, it's about radically and selfishly loving yourself so much, the old gunk gets slothed off. 
  • You'll see yourself getting out of your comfort zone and creating a courageous track record 
  • You'll stop being pissed off and take the chip off your shoulder
  • You'll come out of hiding
  •  You'll be in action and be seen and heard in your passion
  • You'll be motivated!