Head Enchantress

Once upon a time Enchantress Shane was a therapist working with children with Autism. She had been teaching in a  preschool classroom and had been called to work in the world of special education. The world of Autism activated Shane's sensitivities and developed her over-awareness of self-judgement and behavior.  The children she worked with taught her everything about her inner life and shadow work, as well as how to handle REJECTION.  She studied the theorists and began coaching Mothers, in order to better understand their misunderstood children. At the same time Shane began to integrate her theatre background into her coaching of parents. What she then found out was that her passion for supporting women, all women not just Mothers became clear! She graduated The Womanly School of Arts and Enchanted Embodiment was born! Enchantment, Magick, her 11 years of stripping, rituals spellwork, her therapy background, self-expressed arts and her intuition fuel her to guide magickal women and the like to step forth in their journey, more unapologetic, out of the logic world, and more connected to their body wisdom. Shane guides women to use spell work, ritual and Sisterhood to turn their lives on to more joy, pleasure and freedom!  

The longer version.... 

Once upon an enchanted time, a young self-loathing girl named Shane found out self-love is not possible to get to alone. Going to therapy was not enough. Talking to girlfriends doesn't create change. Receiving embodied, compassionate support, and getting away from living in her head and being stuck, did the trick. From self-loathing to self-loving, you can do it too!     


Shane was in college and wanted to go on vacation. She found an ad in the back of the Village Voice that was looking for dancers/strippers, and she found herself at her first strip club, and brought a trusting sorority sister friend with her. The rest as they say is history... Shane graced the stage for 11 years in NYC, CT, ATL and Hawaii!  Shane  would go home after her shift to wake up early and teach pre-school the next day. 

Here is the research;  working with Men and children proved to be interesting and very similar and behaviorism at it's finest... Men and children have impulses to play, and women limit their pleasure from a very young age. 

Shane graduated college and went on to be an amazing pre-school teacher, she then became an actual BEHAVIORIST and worked with children with special needs and students in prison. All these places were Shane's research in the wide spectrum of behavior.  She facilitates from a loving and firm place. She led her young students to learn to share, take turns, make friends, play, and express themselves!  Shane led men to feel safe through conversation and dance. Shane brought transformations to homes with children with challenges.  Graduating Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts tied it ALL together. Shane is now beyond thrilled to bring this  work to you!!!  She is passionate about women owning their self-worth and stepping graciously into their power.  

Why Enchantress?

Shane, a true muse is a recognized Shaman Priestess of the Kedesha lineage, behaviorist, performer and artist, and her expertise and special education degree, she enchants all and any environment where she chooses to show up. 

Consistently and constantly getting feedback that "I just feel better around you," "I have more permission to be free," "I had great sexy with my partner with you as my mentor"  "my whole life feels lighter with you in it" and more of that. Shane is living true and aligned and deeply believes everyone has this ability, and it has become her truest life passion to show you how. 

Frequently Answered Questions

Where are you from? 

I was born in the glamorous Canarsie Brooklyn! I am the first in my family born in this Country;) My family is from Eastern Europe, all migrating here after WWII. I hear myself sometimes answering: "I am an alien." I do have A- blood! I have also done research on the planet Hadar, and I believe I'm from there, Adar in Hebrew means Joy, and JOY is my superpower! My family was mostly killed in the Holocaust, I keep my ancestors near to me, and constantly tune in to messages they have for me. 

What is your coaching methodology?

My unique coaching programs are based on, getting to know and be-friend the inner child. Resistance shows up and it stems from past versions of ourseves. Once we now and recornize those "voices" we can work with them and self express and get unstuck, Modalities include: improvisational acting, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, traditional therapy, somatic movement, creative therapies, psychodrama, guided meditation and visualization, core energetics, cognitive behavioral work, tantric and ancient feminine practices and play & imagination!

How did you get into coaching and mentorship? 


I never fit in, I never liked a system where people were being mis-served, it hurts my nervous system when I see a leader trying to "teach" one way to all people. SO I needed to leave the school system and then being a child therapist left the parents and siblings out of the process. Moms were automatically opening up to me, and were asking for help. I began spending time giving them action steps and rituals to help them sustain their energy in moments of stress. From there it became obvious I am here in this lifetime to support women to step into their power with a balance of masculine and feminine energy. Now I see how we all Mother ourselves, so whether a woman is an actual mother or they are a Mother to another, I am glad to support and guide them in their lives. 



What causes are you most passionate about?  

I am passionate about teaching and supporting  all beings to self express, feel personal liberation and deep profound levels of joy. My heart positively cares about court-involved youth, and my idea of The Mindful Action project to be brought into fruition, connecting youth with entrepreneurs.   All inclusive environments is ultra important to me, leaving no one out because of ANY reason. We are all a special kind of special, all the time.