Enchanted Burleque


Yes, this is for you. This has everything to do with your inner self, your self-worth, your natural magic, your body wisdom through embodiment and moving towards your most enchanted self. 

If you feel nervous at the possibility, or afraid of the outcome. Good. That means you can grow here. Growing past beliefs that keep you playing small, will not feel comfortable, AND you will come out the other side shining so bright, manifestation and magic flows at your new way you see yourself. 


My experience on the stage officially started at 19, when I became a stripper, I did that while I was in college, and didn't stop while I taught pre-school. Doing both at the same time was amazing research. The biggest common denominator PLAY and creating BOUNDARIES.  I can say a lot on these two things. As women, we need play and pleasure, without that life is hard, life is about doing and logic. 


Play is anything that you do for fun, by choice,  and if you choose wisely and follow your skills, work and play can quickly become synonyms, I now offer playshops not "workshops."  Play is the unknown, watch a child, or children, they are creating in the moment. 

Learning can be fun. Growth can be fun.  Making mistakes can be fun if you can take something from them.

So…that leads us to the original question. What is the opposite of play?

For me it is OBLIGATION. What would it be for you?  

Playing with our bodies and movement puts us in exploratory. This is about finding your own body's joy. It can be sexy, joyful, harsh, angry whatever. Burlesque is about the body's self expression. We culminate in a show. Giving yourself an experience that is beyond your comfort zone is where the juice and joy are at. 


We'll talk first, and you'll get the sense of how important and set up the safe and sacred space is, so that you can open up and give yourself over to being ALL IN. 


If you are interested in this, it must be for all the classes, this is not a drop-in class. The women we begin with, are the women we KULMAN-ATE with. It's your playground, it's my school, it's teamwork. I give you the space and the tools to SHINE LIKE YOUR OWN BRIGHTEST DIAMOND. 


Are you ready enough to say yes and stay curious?  Let's go Goddess it's your time, I don't care about your age, your weight, your broken-ness. I see you and accept you and approve of you. When you say yes to pushing your edge, you have already won, I honor you. Now it's time for you to honor you. 


See you in class.



Enchantress Shane 

What's class like? 

Immerse yourself in this 90-minute experience of movement in your feminine body. 

A thoughtful yet engaging metamorphosis into your next exciting life adventure! This experience is perfect for EVERY WOMAN! It's a beginner’s burlesque class. All ages, all sizes, shapes are welcome. If you have any questions, email them here: LOVE@Enchantedembodiment.com

This space is a safe haven to celebrate and promote self-love and empowerment, and confidence in expressing the femininity that is within each and every one of us.

We keep the lights low. So the inner critic in all of us has nothing to see. It is fun in a safe & supportive environment! It's sound, movement, listening and tuning in to the body's natural wisdom. There is nothing to prove, no one to look cool for, there is no pressure to even be sexy. It's about revealing your most authentic you. 

$25 for this special workshop. 

P.S. We stay dressed, there is no nudity in this immersion.