What's the deal with

this challenge?






Who is this for? 

  • Women who desire more love in their lives

  • Awkward Enchantresses who feel undesirable or stuck in their love lives

  • Those that feel "meh" or "fine" about how they connect to men

  • Women that are married, and feel disconnected, and undesirable

  • Women that want to up their flirting game

  • Those that want to be able to have chemistry with anyone for fun

  • Those that want to elevate their consciousness in love

  • Curious women 

Who is this NOT for?

  • Women that only want to be a voyeur and not participate

  • Women who want to stay stuck by complaining

  • Those that believe "all men are...." or "all women are..." Fill in the limited blank

  • Those that are "too busy" to make their love lives a priority